Black and Wadhams has a depth of experience and knowledge in the area of land use and natural resource law. We have decades of experience working with local, state and federal governments on natural resource issues.

Nevada has unique problems because the vast majority of its land is owned or controlled by the federal government. Permitting, access, and regulatory oversight are just a few of the areas with which Black & Wadhams has expertise. The firm has years of experience in negotiating the problems associated with dealing with the various land management agencies.

Nevada’s water law is very complicated. Nevada also has the fewest water resources, including the lowest rainfall, of any state in the country. Thus, adjudication and allocation of those resources requires unique expertise. Among the problems related to this resource are many users attempting to obtain permits to use water in basins that are almost fully or over appropriated.

The firm is qualified to help clients negotiate these difficult issues.

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James L. Wadhams, Esq.

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Joe Guild, Esq.

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