January 7, 2013

New Foreclosure Laws in California

  The California Department of Housing has released a memorandum detailing the laws that went into effect relating to lending servicers and foreclosure requirements. The 9 […]
April 30, 2010

Tisha Black Chernine quoted in the Las Vegas Sun

Tisha Black Chernine, Esq., is featured in the Las Vegas Sun’s article, Coldwell Banker program is similar to federal tax credit.
April 23, 2010

Changes to Law Enables More Renewable Energy Investments

Nevada Assembly Bill 186, effective October 1, 2009, is expected to make financing the installation of renewable energy systems throughout the state easier for third parties.  […]
January 14, 2010

California Boosts Support to Combat Vets
January 12, 2010

Strategic Default

Voluntary strategic defaults pose a new wave of defaults hitting the already battered housing market.  A strategic default is voluntary.  It occurs when the borrower decides […]