Written by James Wadhams

Holiday Risk

Its Winter flu season, it’s the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season and, unfortunately, it is still COVID season. COVID seems to have altered everything. What we used to think of as normal simply isn’t any more. It simply is a time to be careful about safety and security for reasons of health and your property.

We strongly recommend that you be very watchful as you expect packages to be delivered to your home. Instruct any delivery service to place packages in a secure area or at least in an area that can’t be easily seen by a passerby. If you are working and have a neighbor who is home all day, a request to keep an eye on your porch or pick up any deliveries will deter theft.

We are experiencing “porch pirates” and car break ins in many parts of our town so watchfulness and security are critical. If you have a Ring system or similar device on your doorbell, check it to be sure it is functioning properly. If you have an alarm system for your house or apartment check that as well. Monitoring cameras can be very helpful in identifying and deterring intruders. Some of these systems are relatively inexpensive, and we encourage everyone to consider the cost versus benefit of installing them.

Finally, if you become aware of any of these events in progress, call 911 right away. But if you later discover that any of these events have happened, call the local police department and report the incident. You should check to see whether the stolen or damaged item might be covered under your auto, homeowners or renter’s insurance. Many credit card purchases have theft coverage as well.

Most importantly stay safe and well this holiday season!

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