Our Internship Program is designed to expose participants to a realistic view of what it is like to practice law and more specifically, what it is like to practice law at a mid-sized firm like Black & Wadhams. The program provides ongoing interaction with the attorneys regarding substantive assignments, motion practice, case evaluation, and the business of lawyering. Our Interns are offered the opportunity to rotate through departments of their own choosing. An individual intern’s responsibility will vary depending on aptitude and eagerness. The assignments given to interns are intended to be interesting, and the results of that work are used by our attorneys. Feedback is provided on an assignment-by-assignment basis, as well as through more formal evaluations.

Black & Wadhams offers both Unpaid and Paid Internships depending on the needs of the firm and position availability. Most internships are for 2 – 4 months in duration but may last longer depending upon the needs of the firm and the availability of the student.

Unpaid internships provide an opportunity to gain professional employment experience and will have the opportunity to draft a writing sample to be used with future employment opportunities. The position duration for unpaid internships is dependent upon the school calendar.

Paid Internships are available to 2L & 3L Law Students looking to gain working experience in a law firm.